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I am an iOS developer with experience in web development. I have recently been working with Swift, Meteor, and React, though in the past I have built projects using Objective C, Ruby, and Java. I am currently a student at Cornell University's College of Engineering, planning to major in CS. My New Year's resolution is to build an app a month, so stay tuned and please feel free to take a look at some of my more notable projects below!

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Apple TV


Developed with Cornell AppDev

Tempo is the second app from Cornell AppDev, a project team at Cornell University. Tempo allows users to post their song of the day and discover what others are listening to by connecting to Facebook and Spotify. Tempo was developed using Swift.

September 2016 - May 2017


TV Shoppers

Developed at Masters of Code NYC

TV Shopper is an Apple TV and iOS Application developed at the MasterCard Masters of Code Hackathon in NYC. It was developed with Objective C and Swift, utlizing MasterCard's Simplify Commerce API to create a seamless viewing and shopping experience. While watching a show or advertisement with a featured product, an arrow appears on the bottom of the viewer's TV screen, suggesting a product for purchase. A viewer simply has to swipe up on their Apple TV remote and can hand off the purchase to the iPhone app without pausing or disturbing the viewing experience. Once in the iOS app the user can view and purchase the item while their show continues to play. The app is featured in the video below created by MasterCard.

November 2015

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Top 100 Free Sports Game

Tap2Row is one of the only rowing games that exists. Since its fall 2014 release, the game has accrued thousands of downloads from players in over 70 countries. In September 2014, when I was 16 years old, Tap2Row breached the Top 100 Free Sports Games Chart on the App Store. When playing Tap2Row, you are a coxswain and it’s your job to lead your team to victory. You can quickly tap a teammate before they slow you down, swipe to counter the forces of the wind or even shake off backsplash. Correct moves are rewarded with a bump up in speed allowing you to race with the computer. The more you play, the more experience you will gain, allowing users to improve from the “Learn to Row” level all the way up to the “Professional” one. Tap2Row has been featured in the international magazine Row360 and was developed using Objective C.

June 2014 - August 2014







Course Scheduling Platform

Courselect is a scheduling platform created for my high school and developed with Meteor. Courselect modernizes an otherwise antiquated process of course selection by allowing students to search classes by relevant criteria. These classes were previously found in a paperback booklet that students had to manually search through. Students are able to view their previous schedules in order to form new schedules that follow their year-by-year course progression. The project was primarily an opportunity for me to develop my Meteor skills, while giving my school a look into future possibilities for their course selection process. Consequently, I can foresee a variety of changes that could be made to the platform.

February 2016 - May 2016

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Californian Water Conservation

Developed while attending the Flatiron School Advanced Software Engineering Summer Course, Drop's goal is to inform the citizens of California on their personal and communal water usage. The project attracted attention including high praise from supermodel Karlie Kloss. The project was developed using Ruby and Sinatra.

July 2015

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Publicity Officer

The Association for Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU) is Cornell University's chapter of the ACM and is open to all students at Cornell. ACSU's primary purpose is to enhance the undergraduate experience in CS. As a publicity officer, I help promote ACSU's events throughout the year and help share Cornell Computer Science with the world.

September 2016 - Present

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Cornell AppDev

Team Leader & iOS Developer

Cornell AppDev is Cornell University's premier iOS development project team. The team is comprised of nearly forty designers, iOS developers, and backend developers who work together in subteams called "pods" to develop their respective apps. We work on apps in fields ranging from transportation to music, releasing at least one new app every academic year.

September 2016 - Present

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